Colorful Hawaiʻi

A great gift for those with ties to the islands, and great educational material for toddlers and children. Learn Hawaiian colors and words in the order of the well-known song taught to Hawaiʻi’s children: ʻulaʻula, melemele, poni, polū, ʻeleʻele, ʻākala, ʻalani, keʻokeʻo, ʻāhinahina, ʻōmaʻomaʻo…mākuʻe! 

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Explore our Colorful Hawaiʻi book with our sing-a-long video that kids will love to sing and dance to. Great for kids from toddlers to elementary school.

Introducing our new “Make-Your-Own” Colorful Hawaiʻi book coloring pages for your keiki to enjoy!

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Colorful Hawaiʻi Glossary

Learn more about the Hawaiian language words found in Colorful Hawaiʻi book!

melemele (yellow)

lā: sun

poni (purple)

poi: a staple of native Hawaiʻi cuisine, made from the underground stem of kalo (taro)

keʻokeʻo (white)

mauna: mountain

ʻāhinahina (gray)

kai: water